A portrait of Capoliveri
On Elba Island, Capoliveri, known during the Roman age under the name of Caput Liberum.
The welcoming village is sited on the boundry of Elba's mineral region, enclosed by the historical mining sites.Its shoreline goes on for more than 35 kilometres, divided into all manner of beaches, both reachable on foot or only by sea. There are different kinds of sand, from sharp rocks to rubbed up cobblestone, to layers of sand. Water playes with sun to create unique chromatic games, that together with a wonderful nature, build up that eden-like, timeless environment which is so common on this region of Elba island. All the excursions give the opportunity to explore all the breathtaking locations created by nature, no doubt some of the most wonderful on the island. Among Capoliveri's beachs Lacona, Felciano, Norsi ,Lido, Innamorata, Morcono e Straccolingo